Collective of Creators

Lemonaut was created naturally from a need of having our own piece of space where we felt productive, inspired and surrounded by things and people we like.

Lemonaut is our little big playground. A creative retreat. A lifestyle project. Here we are able to freely use the potential of our skills and experience, and to shape our talent the way we want and feel. Besides apparel brand, we continuously work on different small projects or collaborate with other like-minded people and brands.

Behind these label there is a bunch of friends & supporters of different backgrounds who love design, fashion, photography, programming, architecture, writing, traveling, street culture and having fun along the way. Together we are hoping to create a growing community of friends and collaborators who help each other in achieving their goals.

OR SIMPLY - We want to make cool projects together and spice up the art & design scene a bit.

Are you a fashion designer, or an already established brand who wants to collaborate? We want to hear from you! Like, RIGHT NOW!


Oh, by the way! We're currently developing a Lemonaut pixel-art game. It's gonna be an endless runner style game with a lot of cool features. You can follow our development journey on our second twitter account: @lemonautgame