About Us

In a nutshell...

Lemonaut is a 2-part lifestyle project / a creative Label that houses both an Apparel brand and a Collective of creators. Powered by signature illustration style of Maldo – We are making and selling cool stuff inspired by space & lemons and everything inbetween.

Apparel Brand

Lemonaut's flagship project with a signature visual style. One of our main activities is to bring you original & cool artworks applied to nice wearable products. Our apparel is strongly design-driven for both minimalists and people who like strong illustrated style. We pay attention to every single detail

We are not fashion designers (yet). We are collaborators. For each design we always select the right suitable 3rd party apparel garment which meets the desired color, shape, quality and season.

Are you a fashion designer or an already established brand who wants to collaborate? We want to hear from you! Like, RIGHT NOW!

Collective of Creators

Lemonaut was created naturally from a need of having our own piece of space where we felt productive, inspired and surrounded by things and people we like.

Lemonaut is our little big playground. A creative retreat. A lifestyle project. Here we are able to freely use the potential of our skills, experience and to shape our talent the way we want and feel. Besides apparel brand, we continuously work on different small projects or collaborate with other like-minded people and brands.

Behind these label there is a bunch of friends & supporters of different backgrounds who love design, fashion, photography, programming, architecture, writing, traveling, street culture and having fun along the way. Together we are hoping to create a growing community of friends and collaborators who help each other in achieving their goals. Or simply - We want to make cool projects together and spice up the art & design scene a bit.

"Explore Your Space"

That's our goal. Everything we do is supported by this motto.
We are explorers. And creativity is our tool of expression. By creating, exploring and connecting with other people we explore ourselves and create a space of common interests with a unique lifestyle we want. 

Lemonaut x Maldo

Maldo is a Slovak illustrator and designer, a maverick frequently flying mostly between London & Bratislava. Apart from being the co-founder and distinct visual force of Lemonaut, he also works as a freelance illustrator. Lemonaut serves partly as his studio HQ and provides a showcase of some of his artworks which expand the Lemonaut universe.